Is extreme nail biting and picking skin around nails a form of ocd? Does this warrent a psychiatric evaluation for other conditions as well?

Skin picking. Skin picking and nail biting are body focused repetitive behaviors that are more common in families with ocd. In the dsm5 (the most recent version of the mental health diagnostic manual) this has its own section, called excoriation (skin-picking) disorder. This is within the chapter on ocd, as it's related but not subsumed within ocd.
In DSMV yes. Those are now categorized in dsmv as ocd spectrum disorders. I do not think that a psychiatric evaluation is warranted unless there is behavior indicating the presence of another condition. There is one study of children in shariz iraq that showed that the nail biters were somewhat less pro social, had higher rates of parents with the condition, but no specific emotional difficulties correlated.

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Please tell me what causes nail biting and skin picking?

Common or concerning. The exact causes of nail biting or skin picking are unknown. While these are very common nervous habits, chronic nail biting or skin picking can be a cause for concern, and if unwanted, cause frequent bleeding/lesious, and cause serious distress, could signal a psychological disorder. Read more...

I used to be a real bad nail/ and skin on it biter and brown streaks are present in my nails? I stopped the nail biting now, but how do I rid them?

Wait long enough. The nail grows outward from the nail bed and now that injuries to the bed have stopped, normal looking nail will grow. The normal look to the whole nail may take several months to achieve. Read more...