Prescribed orthotics not helping. Still bad pain in right foot only when running. Do running shoes for flat feet need adjustment period as well?

Anything new. Typically needs some break in particularly. When it is different than what you were using before.
orthotics. Orthotics need a break-in period as they change angular relationships. See your prescribing podiatrist for help as your question does not state how long you have had them, how long you were/are in pain , etc. God luck.
Sometimes. Orthotics need adjustment so see your podiatrist for correct fit.

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Flat feet I currently wear RX orthotics and motion control shoes for running asics 2100 series. Should I run in non or motion control w/orthotics?

Only one true. Orthotic. A custom-molded device by a pro that knows how to mold and prescribe the device for you specifically. No such thing as motion control in biomechanical theory. All motion is motion. A real device guides stance in motion. Read more...