What to do if my eyes are diagnosed as having glaucoma?

See a specialist. Figure out if it's progressing at current eye pressure range and lower the pressure if it's worsening.
SLT laser. Many specialists (like me) prefer the selective laser trabeculoplasty as first line treatment in most cases. It is a simple, easy, in-office procedure with almost no discomfort. Recovery time is about fifteen minutes. The effect usually lasts one to two years, but it can safely be repeated. Very safe procedure. Eye drops are excellent treatment also. Rarely, invasive surgery may be necessary.
Usually eye drops . Most glaucoma is diagnosed as primary open angle glaucoma which is usually treated with eye drops. Other first line treatment is laser trabeculoplasty, preferably selective laser trabeculoplasty. Surgical treatment with trabeculectomy is rarely recommended in the usa for initial treatment of glaucoma due to potential complications. Narrow angles without glaucoma is treated with laser iridotom.
Treat it. Your ophthalmologist will guide you to your best available treatment. It could be medication, laser or surgery, depending on your situation.