What do I do? I've taken benadryl, (diphenhydramine) unisom, & pamprin? Is there serious side effects?

How much??? How much of these did you take? Were you trying to overdose? Since you've given no information about amounts, you need to go to the emergency room now. Call 911 if you need to -- do not drive yourself. All 3 could be sedating, but the pamprin contains acetominophen which can be toxic to your liver if enough if consumed. Please get help now.
Benadryl, (diphenhydramine)Unisom,Pamp. I understand your concern. Both Benadryl and unisom have ingredient of diphenhydramine, the combined effect of which can cause drowsiness, depression confusion and delirium, depending upon the dose and duration. One ingredient of pamprin is acetaminophen, unisom pm also has Acetaminophen in it, combined effect of these two can cause liver disease. Please see your physician for your sleep problem.