What are the best coping skills for anxiety.? Had over a year anxiety now and still having panic attacks and setbacks. Always thinking I die everytime

Breath work mindful. Skills like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and mindfulness help. Like any other skill these have to practiced regularly including when you are not having anxiety and panic for them to work well. I highly recommend seeing a psychologist to help you find skills tailored to your particular needs. Understand the reasons for your anxiety to find long-term solutions. Therapy will help.
Psychiatric consult. There is a world of difference between having anxious times and having an anxiety disorder. Many people experience anxiety when in a stressful situation. Stress over, anxiety subsides. Clinical anxiety is a different condition: there is a biological predisposition to a high baseline level of anxiety, internally generated. Medication treatment is safe and effective. Then other techniques help.
Slow breathing, c md. Panic attacks un-treated can get a life of their own. See your doctor and get treatment. The best and simplest coping skill is simply controlling your breathing. Breath in through nose palms up then exhale slowly through pursed lips to count of 10 wile lowering hands palms down slower and slower. It is the slow exhale that lowers Adrenalin and even bp.