What other medications are there to treat anxiety disorders except xanax (alprazolam)?

Many. Benzodiazepines (e.g. Xanax, valium, ativan, klonopin, etc.); antidepressants with serotonin reuptake inhibition (e.g. Prozac, zoloft, paxil, celexa, lexapro, effexor, (venlafaxine) cymbalta, remeron, tofranil, parnate, nardil, etc.); beta blockers (e.g. Metoprolol, propranolol); serotonin1a receptor partial agonists (e.g. Buspar).
A lot. Most antidepressant medications also treat anxiety. You should seek help from someone who is knowledgable in the treatment of anxiety disorders to get the best treatment for your anxiety.

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Is there any way I can get xanax (alprazolam) prescribed due to my anxiety disorder if I dont have insurance?

You can but. You will still need to see a doctor and your parent must give permission for the doctor to treat you. You can always pay cash for any prescription (it is the insurance which restricts one's choice mostly based on cost not effectiveness).

Is taking Xanax (alprazolam) and Valium okay for treating GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and chronic back pain?

Not wise. It is not wise to take both of these medications at the same time. They are both in the same class and this could lead to overdose or addiction. Was this prescribed by your doctor? If so, ask him/her about the potential risks and benefits. If not talk to him/her.

Should I try stimulant for adhd? I am diagnosed & had strattera-ineffective. I also am diagnosed with anxiety disorder & take xanax (alprazolam). Is it safe?

Yes. Often strattera does not work but stimulants almost always work. Be sure to see someone who is excellent a t prescribing and they will titrate it carefully. No adverse effects with xanax (alprazolam). You may need an antidepressant for your anxiety.
Adhd & anxiety. It sounds like your problems is complex if you have both adhd and anxiety. Xanax (alprazolam) is not the best treatment of anxiety. It's a "quick fix" that changes nothing about your anxiety long term. It makes you feel good for a short while at the expense of addiction in the long run. Try to get off of it talking to your doc. Stimulants are recommended for adhd, but look also for other option- psychotherapy.

Hi I'm prescribed four 2mg Xanax a day and I just got a new job opportunity. Id like to keep my anxiety disorder discret b/c I'm afraid it could keep me from getting the job. If I stop taking them now will it show up in urine test in 5 days and also does

Therapy? Have you yet tried any form of psychotherapy? Typically, the optimal combination of things to treat emotional issues such as anxiety or depression is medication (which, on your best day, is supposed to take the edge off symptoms) but the real gruntwork takes place in psychotherapist's consulting room.
Taper. Your 2 mg per day would require informed tapering, to avoid withdrawal. And your anxiety symptoms will also return. Your best bet is to continue your prescribed medication, and if it shows up in a test, to simply establish that it is a prescribed medication.

Natural ways to treat anxiety disorder? Already tried alprazolam, fluoxetine and others which names I don't remember.

Psychotherapy. A variety of psychotherapies work for anxiety disorders, but they take a while to accomplish. There are herbal medications used for anxiety, like chamomile, valerian and green tea. A holistic health practitioner can probably better advise you as to those. Meditative techniques, mindfulness, therapeutic imagery, progressive muscle relaxation techniques and others also can be helpful.

Anxiety disorders; I sometimes take benzos. Alprazolam I feel intense calmness, while clonazepam has no physical effects. Might it still be anxiolytic?

Benzodiazepines. Alprazolam has a very rapid onset but also short half life. Clonazepam can have more rapid onset if you chew it and put under your tongue and stays in your system longer than alprazolam. Consistent use of any benzodiazepine leads to tolerance which is more rapid with alprazolam. There are other meds that can help anxiety without developing tolerance.
Yes. Clonazepam is a calming benzo like alprazolam but it's onset is slower and it lasts longer.