Does smoking cause breast fibrocystic breast disease?

Maybe. Studies have been contradictory regarding the relationship between smoking and fibrocystic changes. Periductal mastitis and subareolar abscesses are associated with cigarette smoking.
No. All breasts are fibrocystic but many will not have symptoms beyond the normal menstrual cycle.

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Can severe fibrocystic breast disease cause enlargement of the armpit overall not lymph nodes?

Yes. Yes, it can. The breast tissue extends into the lower part of the armpit. This breast tissue can react in the same way as the rest of the breast does.
Yes. If fibrous cysts are in the tail of the breast which reaches up to the axilla.

Did self breast exam. Feel several small lumps in armpit. It itches and pains. Have fibrocystic breast disease. What is cause? Is this normal

You need a real exam. Preferably with a surgeon and possibly mammography. ..
Common problem. Fibrocystic disease/changes is very common in women. This is most often seen during the menstrual cycle. Breast feel lumpy and painful which is caused by cyst formation (fluid filled areas) due to hormonal changes. Some women may have these changes without being on their menstrual cycle. Caffeine may cuase the cysts to be overactive resulting in pain. This is not related to cancer. Http://www.