Can toddlers get cold sores anywhere else besides the mouth?

Yes. Cold sores are sometimes called "fever blisters" and may appeear on the lips amd mouth, always on the outside, and sometimes on the cheeks and chin. It is dangerous if they appear on the eye. Cold sores are oftern confused with "canker sores" that occur on the inside of the mouth and lips.
Yes. The typical cold sores on the lip areas can also occur anywhere on the face. Other locations on the body are less likely. If there are signs of cold sores near or around the eyes, the toddler should see a pediatrician and an eye doctor immediately (vision can be damaged!).
Yes. A cold sore virus (classically herpes simplex) may affect the eyes, eye lids, skin, nasal passages, & genitalia to name a few other areas.
Yes. Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus and occur on any mucous membrane; that is, the mouth, nose, eyes and genitalia. They are most common in or around the mouth.
Yes. Touching the cold sore then touching the eye can spread the virus to the eyes. Herpes in the eye is an opthamologic emergency and needs to be seen immediately in order to preserve vision in the effected eye.
Sores. Depending on what is causing sores they can occur many other places. Cold sores can be on or around the lips, even elsewhere on the face. If they are near the eye you should see your doctor! other types of sores like in hand-foot-mouth can occur on their hands and feet and even bottom!