What causes an itchy lump on the sternum?

Many possibilities. There are many things that could cause the skin to itch. Several types of inflammatory conditions of the skin, allergic reactions, sun exposure, insect bites, and sometimes bacterial, viral or fungal infections can cause rashes on the skin. Have it evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment.

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I noticed a lump at the end of my rt clavicle where it meets my sternum. I noticed it because the area has been itchy all day.

Lump at sternum. May be a bite, allergic reaction of unclear origin, bump due to itching , itching from prickly heat, ringworm w/ itching (fungus) but also must consider lesions in the lung/breast, check CXR, mammogram. Rarely liver conditions can cause itching (and the bump from itching) but most have known liver disease. Would try topical steroid/ antifungal . F/u/ w/ doc. Read more...