Urologist can treat oligospermia?

Yes they can. Finding the cause of it is easy but treating it may be difficult. Best wishes! http://www.Oligospermia.Com/ http://theturekclinic.Com/services/male-fertility-infertility-doctor-treatments-issues-zero-sperm-count-male-doctors/oligospermia-low-sperm-count-semen-analysis-0-rare-definition-what/ http://www.Home-remedies-for-you.Com/blog/oligospermia-treatment-causes.Html.

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Urologists can treat oligospermia?

I dont think so. There is no medicine that you can take that increase sperm production and chance for pregnancy in female partner. Surgery for varicocele is not proven to improve pregnancy rate. If oligospermia is due to obstruction a urologist may be able to surgically correct it. Read more...