Treat "overactive sebaceous glands" for man?

What does that mean? Most often this is a euphemism for "acne". If that's the disease, treat it scientifically and aggressively -- it's a very serious personal and professional liability. Overacetive sebaceous glands" is a "pop" diagnosis for everything from acne to rosacea to staph abscesses to the bumps of sebaceous hyperplasia. Sites using the term tend to offer subscientific "natural" remedies.

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How can I stop overactive sebaceous glands?

Treatment options... If you are a woman, hormonal intervention may help. Possibilities include oral contraceptives or a pill called spironolactone. If there is a lot of acne, Isotretinoin (accutane) can help. A laser-like treatment called "photodynamic therapy" can damage the oil glands and decrease oil production. Botox is now being used to decrease oilyness, but its expensive. Read more...

How do you treat extremely flaky dry skin due to destroyed sebaceous glands from accutane? Moisturizers even hyaluronic acid no good.

Accutane. Rejoice in the dry skin for a while. The sebaceous glands are not destroyed. They will return after you finish the accutane. Your dermatologist should be able to give you appropriate creams to keep your skin from flaking and scaling too much. If you are on Accutane you should be seeing your dermatologist on a frequent basis so it should be no problem to ask. Read more...