Treat alpha hemolytic strep on urine culture?

See below . We usually do not treat positive urine cultures unless the person has urinary symptoms such as burning while urinating, urinating much more than often, or bloody urine...The main exception when we do treat positive urine cultures regardless of symptoms is in pregnant women. Anyways you should definitely check with your doctor.

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Urine culture - 10-49k beta hemolytic strep, group b - other gram positive organisms from urine. Can you interpret?

UTI. When you have urinary tract infection it is usually with gram-negative bacilli like e. Coli and they are present in >100, 00 orgs/ml. Multiple organisms on urine culture usually suggest a contaminated specimen. Group b strep are more likely than not coming from the vagina. This sounds like a contaminated culture. You need to learn how to collect a clean midstream specimen for urine culture. Read more...