What foods should I avoid if I have gallstones and a fatty liver?

Modify lifestyle. Fatty liver occurs thru delivery of dietary fat/fatty acids to liver, excess carbohydrate, impaired export of triglyceride from liver cells, & augmented trigylceride production. Fix it by controlling diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, & avoid alcohol. Gallstones (usually cholesterol) are less diet responsive, but low fiber, high refined carbohydrate diets are associated; vegetarians get fewer stones.

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Please suggest what foods to avoid if I have gallstones and a fatty liver?

Maybe nothing. If you're not having any symptoms, (the vast majority of patients with gallstones do not,) you do not need a special diet. Now, if you begin to have symptoms (bloating, dyspepsia, nausea, right upper quadrant or right upper back pain,) then a lower fat diet may reduce your symptoms. Good luck.

Mild fatty liver parnchema and gallstone?

Gall Stones. Fatty liver is a benign condition usually related to diet, however if it worsens it can become a condition called steatohepatitis. Watch your diet and it should improve. Gallstones are typically harmless unless a stone gets caught in a duct. Some people with a long family history of gallbladder problems get the gallbladder removed, but most people have gallstones all their life without problems.

Hi how would u know that gallstones has gone already? I took medication for a month with my fatty liver and gallstones, wat does turbid urine means

Gallstones. 34 F Hi how would u know that gallstones has gone already? I took medication for a month with my fatty liver and gallstones, wat does turbid urine means. ANS: you will not likely know and they will not likely go away with meds. Turbid means different things to different observers and looking at urine would be better. But likely means you are dehydrated. Ask your Dr there.

I have a 2cm gallstone and a few smaller ones. Is surgery my only option? I was diagnosed with fatty liver. What can I do to reverse this illness?

What are clinical s. What are your clinical symptoms. It the symptoms are due to the gall stones - surgery is you only option. Better now to have surgery than during an acute gallbadder attack.
If you are having. Symptoms from your gallstones such as upper abdominal discomfort, pressure, bloationg, discomfort and nausea after eating, then surgery is the way to resolve the symtpms and remove the gallbladder & gallstones. The fatty liver may heal with low fat diet, controlling your cholesterol & weight loss.
Surgery for GB. Are you having gallbladder symptoms? The only way to treat the gallstones if symptomatic is to surgically remove it. As far as the fatty liver, eat a healthy diet, avoid high fat, high cholesterol foods.

Fatty liver and gallstones what are the treatment should I be very worried really scared 27 year old male 270 weight?

Yes, yes, and yes. A person of average height and musculature should be worried if he weighs 270 pounds... that's way too heavy. He should also be worried about fatty liver... and his primary care doctor can offer advice on that plus check for diabetes. He should worry about gallstones too, and his doctor may refer him to the surgeon, as removal of the gallbladder may be needed. First cut the calories, if too heavy.
Weight loss. And a healthier lifestyle are the best ways to treat the above problems. You are young and have time on your side so get to work! Obesity, fatty liver, and gallstones can sometimes lead to heart problems, vascular disease and liver failure. Work with your self and your doctor to get your weight and cholesterol under control. Be sure to note smoke. Best of luck :)

Fatty liver and hypothyroid ok to take metformin even with gallstones? No attack of gallstones so far

Prob ok to proceed. There is no particular bad interaction between these conditions or drugs. Fatty liver, gallstones, hypothyroid, taking metformin...... This probably describes many millions of people worldwide.

What will be done 4 a fatty liver? Don't drink or obese my emzymes r high but r going down slowly caused by meds. No gallstones or hep etc

Depends on cause. While obesity is the most common cause of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (nafld), there are other causes, including poorly controlled diabetes, drug toxicity, weight loss surgery and toxins. In your case, since you refer to this being caused by some medication, the best thing to do is to remove the offending agent, meanwhile avoid fatty foods and avoid alcohol until you are cleared by your md.

I had fatty liver, lost weight second scan result (Liver normal size, shape, echotexture. No gallstone), is fatty liver gone? But bilirubin 47 ALT 134

Not sure. Without seeing all of the liver test results, it is difficult to comment on what may be happening. Obviously, with your ALT elevated, there is still something wrong. I would return to your gastroenterologist for further explanation and evaluation. Good luck.