Throbbing pain could it be my corpus luteum that ruptured?

Possible. That is possible but there are so many more causes of throbbing pain. See your ob/gyn for a workup!

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Throbbing pain on my ovary could it be corpus luteum that ruptured?

Yes. or other Ovarian process such as cyst, endometriosis or other possibilities. Needs evaluation, expect to get examined and have an ultrasound of your pelvis at a minimum. Read more...

I have a small corpus luteum cyst but also a "simple fluid filled" 8 cm cyst the mfm ob said is likely to rupture. Will it hurt the baby? I'm 21wks.

Probably not. If the sonographic appearance of the 8 cm asymptomatic ovarian cyst is "suggestive of a benign lesion" and you and your MFM Ob are not suspecting a malignancy, the risks of ov. cyst rupture, torsion, bleeding 21 wks are relatively small compared to those of surgical exploration. If it becomes smaller and rises above your pelvis, it is not likely to affect the course of your labor either. ? Read more...