Symptoms of tooth abscess near crown?

Perio or endo. If the abscess is draining, usually you will have slightly raised gum and very little pain. However, if the abscess is not draining or if the fistula (draining tube) is obstructed, you will have swollen gum and more pain. If your tooth abscess is near the gum, your dentist will also check out your gum condition in addition to your tooth because it can be cracked tooth and/or gum disease.
Symptoms. Pain - usually a dull ache that feels 'deeper' that the tooth. Although its worth mentioning many abscesses are painless. Swelling- usually localized to the aree of the gums around the roots of the affected tooth. Drainage - a 'pimple' or bump that might produce pus, or not at all. Pain to touch or biting.