Swollen red spots under the eyes, treatment?

Blepharitis-Rosacea? Careful exam to achieve correct diagnosis ; direct therapy. Swelling ; redness usually symptoms of low grade infection-inflammation. Gentle cleansing with mild soap ; otc polysporin (bacitracin and polymyxin) ointment can be helpful. Seek care if persists or fails to respond.

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My right eye is swollen and very itchy but I don't see and red spots what should I do?

Allergy? You might have introduced an allergen into your right eye (e.g. after petting an animal then touching your right eye). If only the lids were involved, then a contact allergen is more likely the cause- in which case the symptoms may not appear until 24-72 hrs after the contact. Nail polish (before completely dried) is one of the more common causes. Read more...