Does superior glenohumeral ligament heal?

It depends. Have yourself checked by a sports medicine shoulder surgeon. There are several entities within the shoulder that this can be confused with, so you want to make sure you're getting an accurate diagnosis.

Related Questions

What can I do to repair a shoulder injury, specifically an inferior glenohumeral ligament tear (ighl)?

IGHL. Depends upon extent. If just partial tear, consider rest, immobilization, nsaids, pt/modalities. If complete or more extensive, may need additional scope or open stabilization procedures if the glenohumeral joint is unstable with conservative attempts to heal. Read more...

Had MRI and xray arthogram done on right shoulder. Results noted: Incidentally noted high attachment of the anterior inferior glenohumeral ligament.

Should be OK. "Incidental" implies that it was stumbled upon, but not likely to be a problem. This description is not a common finding on MRIs, and I'm honestly not sure of the clinical significance. This ligament provides stability to the shoulder joint and keeps the humeral head/ball from slipping forward out of the socket/glenoid. The ordering physician, if an orthopedic specialist, should help you interpret. Read more...