Can STDs cause white blood cells in urine?

White blood cells. Unlikely to be due to std if present in urine, but in women their presence in urine may be due to contamination by vaginal secretions, depending upon how the urine was collected. Generally, if truly in urine suggests uti.

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I went to the ob and was told my white blood cells was high in my vagina. I don't have a std. And was givin med. What do you think it is?

Bacterial vaginosis . A vaginal exam with a swab test may reveal white cells seen under a microscope called clue cells. A diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis would require antibiotic treatment if no specific std was found. However, trichomonas may also be suspected with presence of many white cells and the treatment is teens are antibiotic as for bacterial vaginosis. Your doctor should tell you the diagnosis. Read more...

Had uti for 4 months white blood cells fowl smell feels need to push when urinating stinging sensation feeling negative std had 4 different antibiotis?

Complicated problem. This sounds much too complex to expect clear answers on a forum like this, especially with such brief questions and replies. Foul vaginal odor usually is bacterial vaginosis, not UTI -- but you could have both. If an infectious diseases specialist is not involved in your care, that probably is something to consider. Or, since you're in UK, maybe an NHS GUM clinic. Good luck! Read more...