Sickle trait is a recessive gene?

basically yes. The mutation that causes sickle cell disease is a recessive mutation in that you need two copies of the changed gene to have the disease (or one copy plus another mutation on the other gene like beta thalassemia, hemoglobin c, hemoglobin e, etc). If you only have one copy, you have sickle cell trait.

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What type of genetic disorder is sickle cell anemia or trait?

Hemoglobinopathy. Patients with sickle cell anemia make an abnormal hemoglobin (hgb.). Normal HGB consists of paired protein chains (globin) and an iron containing part (heme). Patients with ssa inherit an abnormal beta-globin gene from each parent. Carriers have one normal beta-globin gene and one sickle beta globin gene. The carriers (trait) have no symptoms. Read more...