Can I use selsun blue on ringworm?

Probably won't work. It probably won't be very effective. It can work for tinea versicolor, but is less likely to work for tinea corporis (ringworm), which requires topical or oral antifungal agents.

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How do you use selsun blue to treat ringworm?

Tinea Versicolor. Selenium sulfide at 2.5% is useful to treat the superficial yeast infection called tinea versicolor. However, selenium is not terribly effective for more typical fungal infections commonly called "ringworm". Read more...

Can selsun blue treat ringworm in scalp?

Tinea capitus. Tinea capitus is a fungal infection of the scalp which causes itching, scaling, crusting, pustules and ocassionally infection with bacteria (kerion). Tinea capitus requires several weeks of oral antifungal medications with or without an antibacterial. Your doctor can help you determine if this is what you have. Read more...