What are the vitamins helpful for vitiligo treatment?

Vitiligo vitamins. • “abnormally low levels of vitamin b12, Folic Acid and vitamin c are found in a large number of vitiligo patients. Vitiligo: nutritional therapy, by leopoldo montes, M.D., m.S., frcpc westhoven press, buenos aires.

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Are any vitamins required for vitiligo treatment?

Not Necessarily. A multivitamin, with adequate vitamin c, e and zinc are shown to be beneficial. But no particular vitamin or mineral is noted to be "required" for the treatment of vitiligo...An autoimmune disease affecting the melanocytes. Read more...

Which vitamins are required for effective vitiligo treatment?

C,folate, b complex. These may help repigmentation but are not required. Response is variable and the vitamins rarely work as solo treatment. Topical medications, narrow band uvb, excimer laser can be combined with or without vitamins to repigmentation localized vitiligo. Read more...