Should wilson's patients receive hepatitis a or hepatitis b vaccine?

Yes. Patients with any liver disease should do their best to prevent getting any other liver diseases. Since wilson disease damages the liver, wilson disease patients should be vaccinated against hepa and hepb, unless they already have hepa or hepb antibodies.

Related Questions

What would happen if a hepatitis B patient got the hepatitis b vaccine?

Nothing special. The vaccine is a synthetic replica of hep B antigens and is designed to help the body develop Hep B antibodies without experiencing the disease. Since they will already have hep B antibodies from thee prior illness, the vaccine at most could provide a small boost in antibody level. However, this has no effect on any existing hep B problem.

Hepatitis b vaccine/how is it given?

Can Accelerate. For those who need rapid immunity against hepatitis b--travelers about to embark, for example--immunity can be given with a quicker series of injections & a later booster at one year. Some schedules are not fda approved but include vaccination at day zero then days 7 & 21 from first dose. Other schedules include days 0, 10, & 21. Very good immunity at day 21. Also done with mixed hep b/hep a.

Could I give hepatitis b vaccine intravenously?

Why ever? The purpose of a vaccine is to stimulate the immune system. To do that it is injected into muscle or fatty tissue where it is processed slowly by the active immune system to stimulate antibody formation. Inject it IV and it has minimal and brief contact with the immune system and will be deconstructed by the liver or washed out through the kidneys within hours.

Hepatitis b vaccine failure: will it lead to chronic hepatitis?

Failure? There are some individuals who apparently do not have the capacity to produce antibodies to hepatitis b surface antigen. These are the people who develop chronic hepatitis following acute infection. If you are in this category you may be at risk. On the other hand, if you have received the vaccine and not turned hep b antibody positive you might want to try once more.