What are the early signs of the brain cancer?

Varies. Many times tumor in the brain does not give you any symptoms until it reaches certain size or if the tumor is located on particular area in the brain. The symptoms can include-persistent headaches-worse in the morning -associated with nausea, vomiting. Seizure, dizziness, gait imbalance, weakness/numbness on one area or one side of the body, slurred speech etc. It depends on the location and size.
Varies with site and. Brain tumors may be asymptomatic at an early stage. The signs depend on the location of the tumor and type of tumor. The signs may be behavioral change, seizures, difficulty in motor and sensory systems, headache, vomiting, visual problems and lots of other things.

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Could you tell me what are signs of brain cancer or tumor symptoms?

Variable. Location and tumor size typically determine how a brain tumor will present. People can have seizures, headaches or even focal neurologic problems (similar to a stroke) such as blurred vision, weakness or difficulty speaking.

What are the signs of failed treatment of the brain cancer?

Progression of cance. The signs that treatment has failed- are indicated by the lack of improvement clinically -for example-persistent or worsening symptomatology; and progression of disease/cancer-i, e, enlargement of the mass -shown on imaging studies.
Symptoms may. Depend on location - weakness, seizure. Or non-specific: headache, vomiting, loss on consciousness, obtundation, coma. Any lead to imaging to assess change in size or edema.

After going through brain cancer treatment if it were to worsen what signs would show?

Same as before tx. If symptoms get worse it usually is the same ones that took the patient to the doctor or emergency room. Generally the cancer grows back in the same location. This is not always the case but a good generalization. Any mental status change should be looked into.
Brain cancer. When the cancer progresses, generally the cancer grows back in the same location or development of new lesion/s elsewhere. It can be presented with the same symptoms you have before the treatment -that may include- mental status change, dizziness, headaches, nausea/vomiting, gait imbalance, motoric or sensory problems- weakness/sensory problems on one side of the body, seizures etc.

How is a regular headache and a headache caused by an early stage of brain cancer different symptom wise?

Not always different. The main difference is that headache due to a tumor is not intermittent and gets worse and worse. Also regular headaches are usually not associated with neurological signs and symptoms (except for severe migraines and aneurysms).

What are common signs for brain cancer and blood clots in the brain?

Symptoms maybe simil. Headaches and nausea/vomiting are common to both disease entities. But an imaging study (like a ct scan or mri) can make a distinction easily as they would look distinctly different from each other.

How does brain cancer affect the brain?

It depends. This is a difficult question to answer because it really depends on where the cancer is in the brain and how extensive it is. Different parts of the brain are responsible for different things. So for example it is possible that a brain cancer could impact someone's speech for one person but not another.
Dysfunction. Since brain cancer/tumor originates in the brain, it will create dysfunction in the brain. What kind of function is impaired is dependent on the location of the tumor in the brain. Sometimes it's memory, sometimes weakness, sometimes blindness, and many many more.