What are the different types of metals and acrylics used in partial dentures? Any mercury?

No Mercury. The metal used is usually an alloy based on chromium and cobalt. This is a strong alloy and is usually tolerated quite well. Years ago a gold alloy was used; that may be quite expensive today. The acrylics are quite common and have been used for years. Some partials can also be made with other materials. This science has changed a bit.
No mercury. There is no mercury in the metals or acrylics used in partial dentures in my practice, and i've not heard of it ever being used an any...There are many metals used, however, so let your dentist know of any allergies you have (ie: nickel allergy).
Dentures. Partial denture composition is complex but mercury is not used. I know of at least 8 types of partial. For a good overview go to http://www.Doctorspiller.Com/partial_dentures.Htm.