What are the common cancers that cause ascites?

Either those causing. Liver failure by metastasis (colon, any gi, breast, lung, melanoma, kidney), or those infesting the abdominal cavity: ovary, pancreas, endometrium, lymphoma. Benign causes are liver, heart and kidney failure.
Ovarian Liver. Many cancers can cause ascites. Ovarian cancer is a common one. Cancer that spreads to liver, ca that blocks lymphatic drainage. Ca that spreads to peritoneal cavity.
Ovary. Any tumor that spreads to the peritoneum can cause ascites. Of the common tumors ovarian cancers have a greater tendency to invade the peritoneum and cause ascites. Mesotheliomas are primary tumors of the peritoneum and cause ascites, but are not common. Some tumors cause ascites by blocking the lymph vessels, e.g. Stomach and pancreas cancers. Liver cancers may be associated with ascites.