What are the chances of a 5 month old surviving normally after bacterial meningitis?

Many do quite well. Before we had the multiple vaccines we have today, bacterial meningitis was quite common. Delays in DX can still mean tragic permanent disability or death. Early DX & rx reduce long term problems. Today I look for hearing or seizure problems (some they grow out of) or other signs of subtile change. The majority that are treated agressively do well. One of my office assts kids has no pbs 20 yr latr.
Morbidity rate 40% While the mortality rate of appropriately treated bacterial meningitis is about 5%, the chance of morbidity (complications) is up to 40%. The change of long-term neurologic problems (movement problems, thinking problems, visual or hearing loss, and seizures) ranges from about 10-15%. The chance of these things occurring varies due to many different factors.