What are the best OTC facial moisturizers for dry skin?

Facial Moisturizer. Cerave lotion is a very good moisturizer because it has ceramides and it is otc. Another good product is cetaphil restoraderm moisturizing lotion which also has ceramides. Try each one and see which one you like.

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I have very dry skin. Which vitamins is good to take and what good moisturizer you would advice for my face?

Please look at the. ingredients on the label of any skin cream you are thinking of using. If it has alcohol in it do not buy it. Alcohol dries the skin. Vitamin E capsules can help the skin. Peace and good health. Read more...

Derms: what is a good facial moisturizer for severely dehydrated (not dry) skin secondary to pots? Need some tips to keep water inside skin.

Pots. Hydration is key! avoid all caffeine! drink half your weight in ounces daily. Urine needs to be clear. Ensure adequate salt in diet to help hold the moisture. Avoid hot showers or baths as well as chlorinated pools. After showers make sure to trap moisture in skin with a barrier. Best one although messy is vaseline. Hope that helps . Read more...