What are some of the other symptoms of wilson disease?

Wilson Disease. The main organs affected by copper accumulation are the liver and brain, so your symptoms are refer able to these organs. You may experience cognitive impairment, bradykinesia, parkinsonian-like motor symptoms, other motor and sensory problems, fatigue, esophageal varices, liver and kidney disease, and, of course, the copper colored rings in your eyes. Cardiac involvement can also intervene.
Deg.Hepa Lenticular . Hepato-lenticulardegeneration. Diagnosis often missed; should be considered in patients aged 10 to 40 years with hepatitis, cirrhosis, hepatic decompensation, and symptoms suggestive of movement or psychiatric :can vary from loss of control of emotions to depression, delusions, loss of memory, inability to focus on tasks, impulsiveness, sexual disinhibition, and other bizarre behaviors.
Nonspecific. The mood changes, elevated liver enzymes, elevated reticulocyte count, and perhaps glucose or amino acids in the urine are all nonspecific. The ring round the cornea and the movement disorers are seen with advancing disease.