What are pimple like bumps under genital hair?

Genital pimples? Although we can have "pimples" on any body part, they are usually tender or annoying. The bumps at the bases of hair follicles on the scrotum or vaginal skin are most often only visible glands or small collections of glandular material. They are completely normal.

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I have bumps on my genitals... What do I do no stds. I get ingrown hairs alot. It looks like a pimple thats not ready, but it hurts alot?

Ingrown hair. Can be very bothersome when hair follocle gets inflammed. Probably occurs more often if & when genital area is shaved. Best to have it checked out by a dermatologist.

Noticed a few small red bumps few days after shave genital. Not painful or itchy. Extracted hair but small pimple thing not gone. Concerned about sti?

Shaving problems. Shaving with a dull razor or shaving without lubricant can cause the base of the hairs to get pulled slightly out of the shaft, causing redness, irritation, pustules and ingrown hairs. Using hypoallergenic soaps or shave creams and applying moisturizers after shaving (replace razors regularly) can help reduce this.