Urine leakage through penis sometimes. Is it strange?

No. Incontinence in men can occur for a variety of reasons and should be checked by urologist.
Find out cause. Some boys and men pull their penis over the elastic waistband of underpants or pants which traps some urine in urethra. Urine is then expelled when penis is replaced into underpands. Leakage may be due to prostatic enlargement or anatomical urethral problems such as a stricture, diverticulum or persistent partially occluding urethral valves. Worth checking with a urologist.

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28 m unmarried, I feel urine flowing out my penis, shaky legs while standing, I press penis for stopping urine leakage, its too embarrassing.

Need studies. You need to be evaluated by a urologist , may need urodynamic studies to find what is causing your problem. Speak to your doctor to refer you to a urologist. Read more...