Do babies need vitamins a and c also?

Yes. Everyone needs vitamins a and c, as well as a whole host of b vitamins, d, e, k, and many other nutrients and minerals. If you are asking if children need to be given extra a and c, then the answer depends on the quality of the diet. The better and more varied the diet, the less likely a child will need to be given vitamins. Except d, which is hard to get from food. Supplement with d.
Yes they do need it. Yes all babies, children, adults need vitamins and most get it in their diets and for babies on breast milk or formula feedings they get all the vitamins they need in first 4to6 months.The only exception is vitd which is recommended as a supplement for breast fed babies who drink less than 32oz of formula per day.Babies on solid food get enough vits.Vitd400 unt daily if breast fed babies as suplemen.