Tightness in chest and difficulty breathing; already used albuterol inhaler. Go to er?

Yes!! Go whenever there is sudden chest tightness and shortness of breath. It could be a heart attack. It only takes that one time for it to be a heart attack.

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If you have difficulty breathing/chest tightness from Reflux, is it possible for it to respond to rescue inhalers. (Not sure if I have asthma yet)?

Probably not. If you do not have asthma, a rescue inhaler is unlikely to help you. On the other hand, reflux often co-exists with asthma and treating the reflux often reduces the chest symptoms without improving the lung function.

Chest tightness when showering. Difficulty breathing & HR elevated. Bending over helped breathing/pain. HR ~130bpm. Could low heat have caused this?

Chest pain. Betty512~ are you taking BCP. If yes, please see a Dr to rule out pulmonary embolus. Please dont ignore this and please see a doc to rule out sinister causes of this pain. Heart attack is very very low on the list of worries but I would do an EKG thanks.