How long can you live with liver and kidney failure?

Depends. There has been a large amount of literature that has come out regaarding the elderly with advanced kidney disease and delaying dialysis. People actually do bette rwithout dialysis if they have no symptoms related to kidney failure(volume overload, uremia, etc). Some patients can live years without significant symproms or compromise, while others may need dialysis earlier.

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How long can a person live with liver and kidney failure?

Depends. Depends on the severity and reversibility of these. This is a dangerous combination of organs to be failing and should be followed closely by doctors. Read more...

Does this cause liver and kidney disease?

Unclear ... what does "this" represent? So, the Q is unclear about its subject for what; thereby, I cannot answer your question. Please rewrite the question so all available Doc can help you. We're here in Healthtap to help you. Best wish ... Read more...