How often do I give the vitamin d drops?

See below. This should be based upon your physicians recommendation. Usually once a day is what is recommended.
Once daily. One dropperful (1.0 ml) of poly- or trivisol provides 400 iu of vitamin d, which is the amount of vitamin d supplement currently recommended for every breast-fed infant.

Related Questions

How long do I keep giving the vitamin d drops?

The first 2 years. Every breast-fed infants is recommended to take 400 iu of vitamin d supplement. The vitamin d intake in young toddlers in their 2nd year of life can be suboptimal especially if they are not offered enough dairy products. For those, supplemental vitamin d in the form of drops, would be advisable.
See below. Since we cannot store vitamin d. Once it is established that we must take it then it is forever until we start taking pills.

Is it safe to give my 11month baby (vitamin d) drops in winter?

Safe and wise. Babies need vit d just as much as adults- probably even more as it is essential for bone growth ; immune function. The vitamin d council recommends infants get 1000- 2000 iu of d a day in winter months (and year-round if your baby does not get adequate mid-day sun).

I am giving my baby 16 months vitamin D 4 drops daily when can I stop it?

Vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D deficiency is extremely common in both children and adults. If you are no longer breast feeding, you can stop the supplements whenever you feel is appropriate, but pay careful attention and make sure your toddler is eating plenty of foods with Vitamin D and plays in the sunshine regularly.

When should I start giving the vitamin d drops?

Before 2 months. All breast-fed infants should receive 400 iu of vitamin d per day beginning within the first 2 months of life.
See below. Check with your pediatrician. If the levels are low he or she will recommend the dose.

How can I give 3 mon old vitamin d tabs. There are no drops available in Germany. Ped & hospitals only give tabs. Can I give in milk? With spoon difficul

Keep searching. Surely your baby is not the only VitD deficient infant in Germany :) Consult with your local pharmacist for product availability, talk to the Ped. Consider having a "care package" sent from U.S. or order from a trusted internet source for home delivery. Make sure that You are taking enough VitaminD (I assume you are breast feeding) and don't forget to take advantage of any available sunshine!
Vit D. You only need to give Vit D supplement if you are breastfeeding. No need to supplement on formula-fed infants. You need to check the dose in the Vit D tablets as well, our infant needs only 200 IU Vit D per day if breast feeding.

When it is recommended to give calcium to infant? I have eight months child I give him only vitamin d drops. ..He got one teeth only and didn't crawl?

Calcium in babies. If the baby is breast fed or on a good formulae calcium supplementation in not necessary. Breast fed babies do need vit d. Crawling and number of teeth are not an indication of sufficient calcium. Some babies skip the crawling phase and go right to walking. Teeth appear between 6 months or as late as 12 months. In china many babies are unnecessarily given calcium.
Calcium supplement. As long as the child has a balanced diet including milk and vitamin supplement, he should be ok for now. Expect him to crawl soon, but you need to keep him on the floor to learn it, if he is all the time held in a swing all the times.
It's in formula/milk. The most convenient source of calcium is from the milk or formula they drink. Supplements are seldom needed at that age and have no relationship to tooth eruption or when they crawl.
Supplements. Be extremely careful not to overdo supplements. The crowns and the great majority of the roots of both baby and permanent teeth are formed well before eat teeth erupt. Calcium in milk and/or formula provides all the calcium needed for healthy tooth formation. Take your child to a Pediatric Dental Specialist at 1st birthday to review dent-racial growth & development an fluoride levels.

Baby gets 8oz formula and about 22oz of breast milk. Do we still need to give vitamin D drops? Can I take extra Vitamin D to pass thru breast milk?

But D supplement. Breast feeding is aimed of the best things you can do for your baby, but Vitamin D is not readily available in breast milk. Even with partial supplementation with formula, Vitamin D drops for your baby as a precautionary measure would be wise.

What could be causing my breast fed 6 month old to be constipated? Could it be the vitamin d drops I've been giving him or something else?

Doubt the drops a pb. Changes in stooling are often related to changes in diet. Rice cereal & bananas are common constipating agents while juices often loosen stool. Constipation is often a misapplied term. If it is soft but not every day I don't consider it constipation. Rabbit pellets or harder I apply the term.