Swollen lymph nodes, sores in mouth, and stomach pain; viral or bacterial?

Cannot tell. Sounds viral, but making a diagnosis like this without a detailed history and physical exam is difficult if not impossible. Suggest you see your family physician.

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I have thrush. I have sores in my mouth but am now experiencing swollen lymph nodes kind of close to my chin. Is this normal? Taking nystatin for it

Not Normal. Thrush in the mouth is usually after taking a course of antibiotics but other conditions can cause it. The sores in the mouth might indicate that you have a predisposing condition for both. Lymph nodes can be reactive. You need to connect with on of the healthtap MD or see your local MD.

What is going on with my lip?! It hurts so bad and there is a lot of other things going on in my mouth and everything is swollen.&Swollen lymph nodes

Vague question. "Other things going on" does not describe anything. You may have dental problems, allergies, or even an infection. You need to be physically examined by both a physician and a dentist. Please make appointments and feel better soon.
Get an exam. Since you are describing oral issues, start with a dental exam and be prepared for a possible referral. You need help and you need to be seen by a doctor to begin the process of figuring out what is going on.
See Dentist. See the Dentist ASAP. If what you are describing involves painful areas all inside your mouth and you feel sluggish, cranky, and it hurts to eat, and the little points between your teeth are flattening out, and you have a fever, then get in right away. These are symptoms for ANUG or trenchmouth. May also be primary herpes. Get in there to be seen. Good Luck.
See a dentist ASAP. A tooth abscess or dental infection won't go away without treatment and the infection may spread to your jaw, cheeks, sinus and to other areas of your head and neck. See a dentist ASAP.

Can TMJ pain start at any time? Saw dds in apr. For exam had no problems. Now pain when opening mouth but also swollen lymph nodes in neck.

Definitely. Tmj (disorder) can occur at anytime and can come and go with periods of stress or difference in routine. Swollen lymph nodes are not commonly associated and I would go back for a quick check up in case it's actually something else.
TMJ Onset. Tmj pain can have a sudden onset, but is usually precipitated by an event if it is sudden. The fact that you also have some lymphadenopathy leads me to believe that you have a possible infection that can give you some pain with mandibular movement. Ear infection? Wisdom teeth? Dental abscess even though recent visit (there could have been an occult abscess brewing that was not clinically seen).
Yes. Tmd can be precipitated by a specific event that traumatizes the joint (s) or it can develop slyly over time. The fact that it is of relatively recent onset suggests it may be easier to treat than had it been going on for a long time. Get to a tmd - aware dentist for an evaluation.
Yes, but. Yes, but don't get swollen lymph nodes from TMJ. See an oral surgeon or ENT doc to evaluate the lymph nodes.

Dry feeling tongue, white patch on tongue, tender swollen lymph nodes, swollen around neck, can swallow and breathe fine. Lesions on tongue and white patch. Ent says its bacterial. What could it be?

It sounds like. A strep infection though it is unusual to not have pain. Stick with the antibiotics as recommended by your ent. Good luck.
White tongue. It could be bacterial, but it could also be a bad case of oral thrush. If the antibiotics your doctor gave you don't work, anti-fungal treatment would be next. Feel better.
Follow recommendatio. Follow the treatment recommended by the ent. If you do not see any improvement or are getting worse then follow up with ENT again.