How early can you have anal sex after giving birth?

It depends. If the birth was normal vaginal or cs. If it was vaginal, wether there was an episiotomy, there should be at least 4 weeks, other wise 2 weeks is plenty of time.

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How long after giving birth can you have anal sex if you only had a small tear in your uretha?

Anal Sex. I am not sure about this question. It seems there is more to the story. But, anal sex is a very common part of human sexuality. There is no reason from a medical standpoint to limit this activity in the scenario you describe. Read more...

Is anal sex okay, 10 days after giving birth?

No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But u should ask your ob, anal sex anytime, but esp right after giving birth can cause your hemm. To get worse , can cause rectal tears or fissures can cause damage to the anal sphincter so u can't control gas or bm, and bacteria can be spread into vagina and you could get a bad infection, and if u had any stitches from the delivery could infect them. Read more...