Sudden left ear deafness with dizziness since yesterday. What could cause it?

See ENT ASAP. Viral or vascular events can cause sudden hearing loss. The sooner that you receive treatment, that may include steroids, the better chance that you will regain your hearing.

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I have been deaf in my left ear cesnse clhild hood I had a I have been deaf in my left ear cesnse clhild hood I had a infection in both ears it had gone on for several years I coused me to go deaf in my left ear. As a kid I had dizzy spills for manny year

Hello.. Hello. Meclizine and Phenobarbital are very different medications and have different mechanisms of action. The Meclizine has a half life of 6 hours and the Phenobarbital has a half life of 53 to 118 hours. Regarding whether you should see a neurologist or an otolaryngologist, I would ask input from your doctor. There are some areas of overlap for conditions that they treat. Your doctor's input might be guided to whether he believes your symptoms are more under the ear/ nose/throat category or if he believes that a number of these symptoms have a neurologic cause.