Spinal stenosis pain feels like what?

Depends. This depends on the location and severity of the stenosis. If the stenosis is located at the central canal of the lumbar spine, this generally leads to leg pain when walking. Central canal stenosis of the cervical spine quite often does not cause pain. Nerve root canal stenosis is different from central canal stenosis and causes pain in the arm or leg (depending upon the location).
See below. The pain from spinal stenosis is typically a deep aching pain that can be felt in the back, buttocks, posterior thighs and calves. It can be felt in all of those areas or a combination of them. It is typically worsened by standing and walking and relieved by sitting. It can be worsened when lying on the back in bed although back pain that occurs only at night can be a sign of a serious problem.
Various descriptions. Some patients describe a radiating burning pain, an achy fatigue like quality of pain, a tingling/numbing pain as if the arm or leg "fell asleep"or is"waking up"or a combination of these symptoms. Others just state it is a radiating pain into the arm or leg.
Pain or tingling. Often feels like an ache in the low back, buttocks, thighs and usually worse with standing or walking and much better with sitting or bending. Many people also describe a feeling of weakness and tingling with prolonged standing or walking.