Sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose and chronic cough. Why, since I'm nonsmoker?

Possibilities... Possibilities include bronchospasm, post-nasal drip, gerd or a combination of these diagnoses. Shortness of breath is a serious symptom that always requires evaluation by a doctor. If your shortness of breath is severe, go to the er today! Get an evaluation asap.

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Sore throat, cough, stuffy/runny nose, severe body aches, sneezing! All started 3 days ago. I'm now having moderate shortness of breath. Is this flu?

Flu. It sounds like it or a virus like the flu. Stay hydrated and treat the fever. U may need a flu Swab and tamifu if positive.
Could be. Contact your Primary Care Provider! There is medication which will help modify your infection! Do it soon!! Dr Z.

I am experiencing headache, runny nose, nasal drainage, sore throat, cough (worsened by: in the evening, at night) (quality: with phlegm or mucus, chronic cough), chest congestion, body aches and sneezing for 2 wks.

Evaluation. After 14 days of these symptoms it is reasonable to obtain medical evaluation. Although there are some viral infections that can have sx's that last a long while.
Sounds. Like our old" friend" INFLUENZA....Take Tylenol or a NSAID for the fever/aches...drink lots of fluids...REST and if it goes into a third week have a hands on exam by your PCP (Primary Care Provider) WHO SHOULD ALSO KNOW what viruses are active in your community. Hope this is helpful. FEEL BETTER Dr Z.

What causes sore throat, persistent cough, high temp and runny nose?

Viral infection. If the symptoms just started a few days ago, it is a viral infection. If it has been more than a week, it needs to be checked out by a doctor.
Infection.... Your symptoms are likely due to acute bronchitis, an infection of the airways caused by either a viral or bacterial infection. A viral infection will run its course but a bacterial infection will likely need antibiotics. The high fever points towards a bacterial infection. You should see your doctor so your symptoms can be diagnosed and treated.

Every time I breath in and out why do u cough? .....its been happening for a week now....... And why a I getting sick, runny nose, sore throat,

Cold vs Allergies? It appears that you may be suffering from allergies: hay fever (allergic rhinitis)-> irritated throat from the post-nasal drips if these symptoms had been present in the past or present for more than 3 wks. The coughing may be from the post-nasal drips and/or asthma. On the other hand, if this has been present for just a week, it may just be a cold.

I have a sore throat &it feels almost raw on the left side, a runny nose, headaches, congestion, cough, little wheezing when I breath w/ discomfort.

The wheezing. It seems you have a viral infection but I am most concerned about the wheezing part, as a viral infection or any urti can trigger asthmatic symptoms. Consult a doctor and treat the wheeze.

Help! So I started out with the normal cold symptoms cough sneeze runny nose sore throat but now I feel like a bricks on my chest and can't breath wel?

Go see your doctor. Most people can deal w/common cold symptoms w/o going to see their doc. Antibiotics won't do a thing for the common cold. However, you need to go see your doc if you can't breathe as some react to cold w/bronchoconstriction or asthma-like symptoms that do require prescription drugs. Don't wait until you're found unconscious. If you can't breathe, seek medical attention immediately.
Time to be seen. Although the symptoms initially were suggestive of a common cold, the significant chest/lung symptoms could be related to pneumonia (viral) or a secondary bacterial infection. Less likely possibilities are heart complications. Either way, time to see your doctor.

Sore throat, watery eyes, runny nose green color and clear, slight cough, nose burns just to breath, slight body achs, tired?

Flu? You likely have a viral infection which can cause discolored nasal discharge and coughing. If the symptoms last more than 10 days, see your doctor. If the problem started within the past 48 hrs, your doctor may prescribe an antiviral drug for you to shorten your symptoms if they turn out to be from flu.