Withdrawal symptoms from depressants can include what?

Withdrawal sxs occur. When sudden discontinuation of antidepressants occur. Symptoms may be physical and/or psychological and may include, dizziness, nausea, tremor, anxiety, crying, irritability, lack of focus, confusion and muscle aches to name a few. Some antidepressants cause more sxs than others and sxs can be avoided by a gradual taper.

Related Questions

How can I ease the withdrawal symptoms of anti-depressant?

Slowly reduce dose. Usually dropping the dose slowly over the course of at least several days will help prevent discontinuation problems from antidepressants. Some people are very sensitive and the dose needs to be reduced very slowly for a longer time period. If you are having problems like stomach upset or headache those symptoms can be treated on their own temporarily. Make sure your doctor is aware and helping. Read more...

What is the best SSRI anti-depressant drug that has lowest withdrawal symptoms?

No single best. There is no single best anti-depressant. Fluoxetine lacks a withdrawal syndrome due to the extended half-life of its active metabolite. However, fluoxetine has marked drug interactions and should be carefully cross-checked with other meds. Read more...