Wisdom tooth removed the other day and just spat out blood clot. Is this bad?

Depends. Just because you spat out a some clotted blood does not mean you will have complications. Most cases get progressively better after 72 hours. However, if you experience an increase in pain, and the area throbs and is not helped with pain medication, you probably have developed 'dry socket'. See your surgeon immediately so he/she can place some medication in the socket to relieve the pain.
Could be if. You develop a dry socket best to consult with treating dentist. Hope this helps.
Needs to be seen. Depending upon the difficulty of the extraction, how many days ago the tooth was removed, the amount of bleeding you had ; the size of the blood clot will be some indication of the likelihood of developing a problem in healing. Small blood clots might not be a problem. If the entire blood clot was lost, it's problematic. Best to see the dentist to check on the site, rather than wait ; hope it's ok.

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Http://goo. Gl/xe7mvm wisdom tooth extraction talking made it open up. Pictures at link doesn't hurt- blood clot exposed. Day 5 concern needed?

From photos- From the photos alone it looks fine. If you have no pain and no swelling, i wouldn't be concerned. You can always call the surgeon to discuss any issues and ask to be seen for post-op evaluation. Read more...
Wisdom tooth ok. Just make sure you keep the area clean and the socket irrigated. If experience pain see the surgeon for possible post operative infection control. Read more...