Sharp and sudden chest pain when breathing in. What might cause it?

Various. Chest pain with deep breath can be due to pleurisy (irritation of the lining of chest cavity, such as with pneumonia), diaphragm irritation (such as with problem with gallbladder, liver, stomach, or spleen), or rib problem (such as fracture or irritation of cartilage between rib and sternum from chronic coughing).

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What can cause chest pain only when breathing in? No other symptoms, just a sharp pain in the left side whenever I take a deep breath.

Sharp pain. Sharp,shooting chest pain on deep breathing can be caused by a pinched nerve or muscle in the rib cage, a rib injury or muscle strain, inflammation of the lung(pneumonia),inflammation of the lung lining(pleurisy), punctured lung, blood clot to the lung,etc. If symptoms persist see your physician for evaluation. Appropriate tests will be done. Read more...