Red and burning in mouth area? Is it food allergies?

Relation to food? Sounds like "oral allergy syndrome." it is an allergic reaction to usually fresh fruits, nuts, & veggies. Most folks have a history of allergic rhinitis-hay fever. It is considered a "true" allergy with the scientific name-ige type 1 mediated response. 60% of sufferers also have a cross reaction between foods and inhalative allergens. Elimination diet followed by food challenge makes the diagnosis.

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What type of food allergy shows as redness around the corners of the mouth? I have had this for years and recently went on a fast and it hasn't showed up yet, so I'm guessing it has to be a food allergy.

Would. Would see a doctor when this is present to determine if it is food related or due to a lack of something.
Sight. Sight unseen, from your description, it sounds like it may be angular chelitis. So many different causes, should be diagnosed and treated by a trusted health care professional near your area.

For 5 days, mouth has irritation dark red dots. Mouth itchy for 15 min after eating (anything) discomfort persists afterwards;never had food allergies?

Need doctors exam. There is no way to be certain what is occurring to cause your symptoms. A virus or a reaction to food or medicine or another irritant or allergen could be to blame. You should have a history and exam by a physician. Ent is a reasonable choice. Try to take a duary of what helps and what makes it worse.
Doubtful. If you get symptoms after eating "anything" it probably is not due to allergies. Allergies are usually due to one or a few foods, not everything. More likely the symptoms are due to irritation or infection. I recommend being evaluated by you doctor.

What is the solution/possible home remedies for Burning sensation on upper lip since a few days? (With a history of food allergies and herpes simplex)

Any red bumps? By now I would expect herpes to have declared itself. Try applying Aquaphor ointment or petroleum jelly. If no improvement after a couple of days then apply hydrocortisone.

Chronic dryness on lip and sensitive red line under lip for 4 years. I have tried everything. Vitamins, moisturizers, the red line is resistant to corticosteroid. I don't lick anymore, food allergy?

See your doctor. You should discuss with your doctor and consider seeing a dermatologist. It is possible that it is an allergy.
Yeast? Yeast is a common offender around the mouth, and if you have used a lot of steroids, and have excessively moist skin around the mouth (such as with lip licking), then yeast will thrive. It's also possible that you have used so many things on the skin that it's chronically irritated. Plain lanolin is probably the best to protect and not irritate. Unlikely to represent food allergy.