Recurring hand foot mouth virus? Is that possible?

Yes. Although hfm is most often associated with coxsackievirus a16, the process does occur with other enteroviral strains (enterovirus 71 & others). A child will develop immunity to an individual strain after an illness but be susceptible to other unrelated strains, much like there are different strains that cause the flu.
Yes. Hand foot and mouth disease is usually self limited and a rise serun antibodies eliminates the viremia in 7-10 days. Some cases can be prolonged or recurrent.

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Hello. My son (20 months) developed a rash from hand, foot, mouth virus. Is there anything I can use to ease the irritation of his skin?

Keep it clean. Healing can progress faster when you keep the areas clean. Sweat will leave behind salt which causes itching and common skin germs can enter and trigger secondary infections. If you clean the areas often with an antibacterial soap and monitor the sites, it should heal well. Consult your doc if you find areas that appear suspicious.

Why is my son still very sick after a week of having hand foot mouth virus?

Followup is advised. I would recommend a followup with your pediatrician. In most cases, a week into hand-foot-and mouth disease, most children are starting to feel better. If he is not improving, it is worthwhile to make sure his doctor checks him to be sure he does not have a secondary bacterial infection (such as an ear infection that may warrant antibiotics).
Hand Foot.... And mouth virus caused mostly by coxsackie virus, usually lasts anywhere from 7-10 days but can linger for up to 2-3 weeks. If he is still not better after 10-14 days, a return trip to the pediatrician is needed, or possibly a referral to a pediatric infectious disease specialist.

How soon can a child get hand, foot, mouth virus again after getting over it?

About a month. Most kids will have a few weeks between past viral infections & the new thing in town. The hfm process usually comes into a community in waves & there is more than one strain of virus that can produce the pattern.

Hand foot mouth virus what do they do for it she has bumps on the bottom of her mouth and inside her mouth and on wrist?

Supportive Care. It is common for children to have viral causes of mouth sores. We are seeing this in Kentucky now. There are several viruses we see including "hand-foot-mouth" disease that causes mouth sores in children. They are all self limited and require only fluids and comfort measures. Small sips work best. Remember children on average get 8 to 10 viruses a year at her age! Ibuprofen is good for pain.
Viral. To make the clinical diagnosis she should have some red spots and her soles or palms in addition to the mouth. Unfortunately, there is no known treatment for the virus. Just push fluids.

My sitter told me yesterday her son has the hand foot&mouth virus, my 5mo old isn't showing any signs of it should I take him to the doc anyway?

Childhood Viruses. Nope. If your son has no symptoms there is not much to say or do. There is also no real preventative medication to take for this common childhood viral illness.