Hurt hand is slightly swollen with pins and needles feeling. What should I do?

Get evaluated. Swelling can cause compression of the nerves especially in the carpal tunnel. If symptoms are transient and not associated with numbness or other dysfunction, they should resolve as the swelling goes away. Hand therapy may help recovery if injury is not simple. If pain involves the back of the wrist near the base of the thumb, this needs to be evaluated with at least xray (ct if pain persists).

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I was in the garden a week ago and felt a pinch on my pinky toe......a week later it is still swollen and has had the pins and needles feeling?

Sounds like bite? Certainly seems possible that your toe has been bitten by some form of "critter" which has obviously not left many clues except ongoing swelling with paresthesias. Your best bet is to see a physician who can get a good look at the swelling and toe to determine whether or not this is something that is likely to respond to antibiotics or something else. Read more...

My hands have swollen a little a few times at night recently. Then watching tv in bed today and they both went very pins and needles for 10 min. Carpal?

Likely correct. I think your diagnosis is likely accurate. You could have your doctor check it, and if of value, do a diagnostic EMG study of upper extremities to confirm and/or consider alternative nerve issues. Read more...