Hands tingling, elbow swollen and protein in urine. What are these symptoms of?

Need evaluation. The first thing that comes to mind is diabetes, however, it would not be prudent to make a diagnosis without additional history, physical examination and may be additional tests.

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1 dr said no breaks but my hand still hurts and from hand to elbow swollen for 2 weeks now. Pain from below pinky to wrist.

Need more info. How did you injure it. Is there any bruising?? The swelling is NOT normal and a repeat x ray or advanced imaging CT/MRI might very well be indicated! Hope this helps! DrZ. Read more...

Pain in left hand, arm past the elbow, swollen blood veins, what to do?

If it is symmetrical. it is just U. Especially if thin & somewhat muscular. No worries. If only 1 side, have it evaled. Read more...