How can I treat groin pain related to kidney stones?

treat the source. If you truly have groin pain from kidney stones, the proper treatment would be to get rid of the kidney stones.

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Right low back & groin pain. Hurts to bend over. Doc said no kidney stones. What could it be? Please help!

Get an exam. A doc, trainer, therapist can use your exam and your story to help give you an answer. Otherwise I could probably spend hours listing possible causes... Read more...

I was diagnosed with a 2mm kidney stone 3 days ago, im currently having intense pain in my waist groin area what could that mean?

Kidney Stone. The stone is moving down the urinary tract towards the bladder. Some stone will get stuck at the junction of the urethra and the bladder. It is important to hydrate and follow with your physician if the pain continues in the same place. The stone should continue to move and pass out with your urine. Read more...