Feels like a bubble under my left breast on my lung. What is this called?

Get an evaluation. This could be a cyst. However tis very difficult to determine without an examination and possible imaging.

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I have a weird sensation in my chest behind my left breast. It sounds like a stomach growling. And feels like an air bubble. It lasts about 3 seconds?

Sensation in l chest. You are likely correct. the stomach does ride high. May be reflux GERD avoid smoking alcohol caffeine energy drinks soda and spicy foods .Can try ranitidine /prevecid. Would also consider EKG just to be safe though you are fairly young. f/u/ w/ doc. Read more...

Sharp acute pain under left breast. Lasts at most 3 seconds. Today felt almost like bubble passing thru. Chest xrays done recently, results=good.?

Thoughts... In addition to thinking about the heart, we also think about the gastrointestinal tract - like reflux, gastritis or ulcer. Probably more common than heart problems in someone young and otherwise healthy. Not sure what your docs were looking for with the chest xrays, but glad the results were good! Read more...