Pls help me find a way to pay! My front upper teeth are protruding?

Try dental school... During dental school or orthodontic training, students must learn on real patients. While patients such as yourself may be that dental student's first customer--there is an experienced professor carefully advising /overseeing the care provided to you. Yet due to some inconvenience since the actual procedure/bracing may take longer due to student inexperience, service fees are typically discounted.
Ask Orthodontist. All orthodontic specialists have creative payment plans designed to help you afford orthodontic treatment. Go for an initial examination (usually complimentary or low fee) and discuss your malocclusion, treatment options, and payment options.
Patient Financing . There are several financing companies that are available for you to pay for dental treatment and make smaller payments over a period of time so you don't kill your budget. Carecredit, springstone, and citi health are the most popular. You can even apply from the privacy of your own home. Many of these companies have 12 to 18 months interest free or up to 5 or 7 years with some interest tacked on.
Financing. There are a variety of financing options available. Plus most orthodontists have you pay gradually throughout the treatment period.