Woke up with a red eye do I aee a doctor or optometrist?

ophthalmologist. Best is to see an ophthalmologist who is an md trained "real" eyedoctor. You should go especially if you have a change in the vision or pain or discharge.

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Doc tested me neg for strep Tuesday. Looks like strep, & pimple-like in back of throat. Lost my voice. Today, woke up w/red eye. Why? What is it?

Probably viral. This sounds like adenovirus. Adenovirus will give you a sore throat and also cause conjunctivitis. Drink lots of fluids, should get better soon. Also laryngitis (losing voice) goes along with viral illness. Read more...

I woke up with vertigo and red eyes, I'll see a doctor but what could it be?

Can be anything. Do you have an ear or inner ear infection? Have you had spinning sensation (vertigo) before? Any exposure to dryness, pollen, environmental solvents, cleaning agents, fabric softeners, new detergents? These can help determine the cause of your vertigo or red eyes. Any evidence of high blood pressure? Any alcohol, or recreational drugs? So many causes or sources. Please let us know. Thanks! Read more...